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Hatch New Mexico Green Chile Season is here!

...and this is where it all started.  My love for chiles.  Especially the Hatch NM Green Chile.  I am from Arizona.  But my love for New Mexico Chile is one of the reasons I started this company.   I lived in New Mexico for a few years.   When I cam back to Arizona getting [...]

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A New Concept - My Dream

Several years ago, we had a call from a tour group.  "Can we visit your place and get a tour?".  Another call comes a few months later from a school planning a field trip, "Do you give tours?" .      Today, we had a tour bus stop from Tucson AZ.  32 people come in [...]

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My passion is in the flavor- No chemicals. You will taste the difference.

I started on the journey with Arizona Salsa & Spice over 10 years ago.  I have always cooked, and i have always been a label reader.  Because of my restrictions on the foods I can eat I always cooked from scratch..  (this way I knew what was in the food!)  In the beginning, many dishes [...]

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NEW Popular Flavor Crystals and Garlic Pepper

I have a few new seasonings. I intended for them to be versatile like all of our other products. I have the Garlic Pepper (No Salt Coarse Ground ingredients), Arizona Flavor Crystals, and Deb’s Flavor Crystals. The differences are mostly in the salt. The Arizona Flavor Crystals are made with Alder wood smoked sea salt. [...]

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Stuffed Mushrooms

So I am walking through Sam's Club after checking on the Road Show Set up we have there.  I get a cart, start gathering some vegetables and Melons.  They had a great assortment of good looking produce.   I round a corner and there on the shelf are these extra large mushrooms.  They are just [...]

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Easy Potato Sides

Many times my dinner is planned on my way home from the factory.  It all depends on how late I head home.   One of my favorite things to do with potatoes is slice them  "French fry size", and bake them on a cookie sheet.  My two favorite seasonings to use are the Salad and [...]

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Company Name Confusion

Sometimes a business owner makes assumptions that are not accurate.   This is certainly the case with me.  I learned that people are very literal.  I like to keep things simple.  Like the names of my company.  First it was Arizona Salsa Company, then I took that over with Arizona Spice Company.  It caused a [...]

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Who has time to Cook?

These are busy times.  We work long hours, people come and go at different times.   It seems hard to cook a nice healthy meal or plan meals ahead of time.   As you could imagine after cooking all day at our factory it seems silly that I cannot wait to get home to cook [...]

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