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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are our products vegan?  Yes, every single one of them except the Sweet 16 and the Arizona 18.  All the Rest are 100% Vegan.

Are our products gluten free?   Yes, all but the barbecues.  Stay away from the Barbecue seasoning, the Sweet 16 and the Arizona 18  The rest are all gluten free.

How do we know the chile we get is fresh?  We buy direct from the growers. You will taste the fresh difference.

We NEVER use additives, preservatives or MSG in any of our products.  Not even anticaking in the spice blends.  We recommend a buitter knife or tapping it on the counter if moistures gets in.  Natural all the way! As it should be.

How can we make spices and sauces with no preservatives and no fillers?  It's easy.  We pack fresh and we use fresh ingredients. We don't need to add anything to enhance the flavor.  Our products don't sit around long so we don't need additives to keep them fresh.  They are fresh. We use little salt because with fresh ingredients you don't need a lot.
Are our products gluten free?  Yes, most of them.  The only thing we make that may have gluten is the BBQ rubs, and the Chipotle Black bean and corn Salsa.  The hickory, salt free and regular BBQ rubs contain honey powder and we have to put a 'may contain wheat' on these products.    
What is Co-Packing?   Co-packing is packaging someone elses product.  You bring in your recipe and I will get it legal for marketing and sales.  We are a FDA registered food processor and this is my area of expertise.  
What is Private Labeling?  
Private label is simply taking my products and putting someone elses logo and name on them.  We do this for a viariety of customers including retail establishments,  and specific corporate events.
If you have a specific question not addressed here please call  or email me.  I would be happy to help you.   

480 632-2168 or Droberti@azspiceco.com


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