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Happy Mother's Day

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Happy Mothers day.   Like all celebrations it will carry good memories, and some sad memories.  For those of us with children the best memories start there.  For those of us who have lost children, the worst.  What is most important for our children and grandchildren is to take care of ourselves.  Set the best example and teach them well.  For my son, it was nutrition.  I didn't deny him the staples of child hood like happy meals and chicken fingers, I simply taught him it wasn't the best choice.  Although I did take some criticism by denying him hot dogs until he was 8 or 9.  lol...(we all have our hang ups)  Those are just something I do not buy.   Nutrition is most important.  So long as you drill the most important things in them, you've done your best.  

So Happy Mothers day, I hope your best memories outweigh anything bad for all your holidays.  


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