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My passion is in the flavor- No chemicals. You will taste the difference.

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I started on the journey with Arizona Salsa & Spice over 10 years ago.  I have always cooked, and i have always been a label reader.  Because of my restrictions on the foods I can eat I always cooked from scratch..  (this way I knew what was in the food!)  In the beginning, many dishes went in the trash but I kept it up, experimenting and growing my knowledge of flavors and foods. It seemed I had a knack for knowing what ingredients went well together.  All of this experimenting is what grew into this company.  Cooking and creating flavors is my passion.  Many of my products were customer recommended creations.  If enough people asked for a certain flavor blend I would make it.  Arizona Jerk, Chili Seasoning, Mexican Style, Peach Perfect Salsa, etc.  I am working on a Mango but haven't yet got it just right.  

I am not a picky eater, but having to eat all natural (or pay the consequences) pushed me to explore why other companies used so many ingredients we cannot pronounce and certainly don't know what it is.  Chemical compounds, and some natural compounds (like MSG) that effect us.  Some good, some not so good.  

In my training and education I learned about why manufacturers use these ingredients. The ingredients we will never use.  Sometimes preservatives (Sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, sulfites, BHT-Butylated hydroxyanisole, sodium nitrate,)  Flavor enhancers such as the one they refer to as 'natural flavor' in some cases-MSG, Calcium chloride, Phosphoric acid, and more....  Some are necessary in certain foods for public safety.  But wait, our ancestors didn't use them.  They used salt, vinegar, freezing, dehydration.....  Now days, it's all about the bottom line. Health concerns are secondary unless the FDA bans a particular ingredient. It's all about providing a product that is safe with a long shelf life and that returns the highest profit margin.  Can't blame them for this!  Food is a very competitive market.  

I definitely chose the opposite route.  My products are all natural.  My definition of this is:  No anti-caking agents, no additives, no preservatives, and no MSG.  No chemicals....  I simply buy fresh ingredients, Mix them together in a safe manner by FDA guidelines and package them.  Simple as that....  Well kind of.  I have to make sure the sauces are pH balanced, this is why I add vinegar....  I use very little salt in anything because the fresh ingredients have to much flavor salt isn't necessary to boost it.  Salt is cheap... this is why it is a first ingredient in many products in the stores.  Anti-caking agents such as Silicon Dioxide (better known as sand/quartz) are also cheap, but it dilutes flavor.  I tell my customers to use a butter knife or a tap on the counter if an anti-caking agent is necessary.  

I do not add any flavor enhancers, chemicals, preservatives or the anti-caking agents, natural or not.  You will see, on some of my products, the word "Spices, or herbs" as a last ingredient.   It really is a spice, or herb, and sometimes nothing.  This is solely for proprietary reasons.  I am proud of my products.  Nothing hidden, nothing  our ancestors wouldn't have used.....  

I hope you enjoy my products, and rest easy knowing they are real products.  Not organic but they are fresh, and they are pure ingredients.   

One more thing before I go.  Citric Acid.   This one reaches headlines every now and then.  Like vinegar, this is a process.  It has a process of extraction.  Sometimes a natural extraction, sometimes not.  Mine is naturally derived citric acid.  It is in the Salsas.  This along with vinegar is how i achieve the low pH to inhibit bacterial growth.  Naturally safe and great tasting!  

Many people do not worry about chemical additives.  Many people do.  What's most important, in my opinion is that more and more people are aware.  At least now there is a decision to make.  Information is powerful.  No matter what your feelings on additives and preservatives, I hope you enjoy my flavors.   

I do not have the cheapest products, or the biggest profit margin, but I have products that I proudly stand behind.   

Have a suggestion?  Let me know, I love to hear from customers.  

Thank you  :-)


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