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A New Concept - My Dream

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Several years ago, we had a call from a tour group.  "Can we visit your place and get a tour?".  Another call comes a few months later from a school planning a field trip, "Do you give tours?" .      Today, we had a tour bus stop from Tucson AZ.  32 people come in wanting to see our factory.   We have had countless calls such as these, and many visits.  Even from the Group of Arizona's Centennial Celebration Tour.  We are the Official products of the Arizona Centennial and they stopped to see us.   

Our current facility does not allow for such tours to be done as well as they could be.  It could be so much more.  This is why I started a fund raising campaign on indiegogo.  (see it here  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/arizona-salsa-and-spice-company/x/11663374#/story )

I would like to bring in tourists, locals, and schools and educate them on the way my industry works.  People are becoming so aware of what they eat,  I want to add to that knowledge and show them the background of products being made.   We are small, family owned and operated.  We do not have the funds to make such a move without help.   The city of Mesa AZ loves the idea.   We just need to make it a reality.  

Thank you,

Debbie Roberti


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