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Rubs for Variety

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I want to highlight a couple of newer meat rubs. Just to note:  None of our products contains MSG, preservatives or chemicals of any kind.  They are all pure and natural. The Arizona Cajun Rub, customer inspired, and Arizona Garlic Pepper, with no added salt. Neither rub contains sugar, MSG or any other fillers.  I used the Arizona Cajun rub the other night on boneless skinless chicken breast and shrimp.  I usually prefer the Barbecue rub on shrimp but I wanted to try something different.  It was absolutely amazing on both the grilled chicken and the grilled shrimp.  

Arizona garlic pepper is quite versatile. It is a course seasoning mix with no added salt. I use it on just about any meat fish or poultry. I also add it to soups, stews and on roasts as a rub.  

Both of these rubs have a little spice.  They are not hot but they are spicy.  


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