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Who has time to Cook?

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These are busy times.  We work long hours, people come and go at different times.   It seems hard to cook a nice healthy meal or plan meals ahead of time.   As you could imagine after cooking all day at our factory it seems silly that I cannot wait to get home to cook dinner.  Many times I am deciding on the way home what to cook.  My seasonings are me, they are the way I cook. My theme is Home Made Easy tm  They make it so easy to plan dinner.  I merely need to figure out what meat I need to stop and get or what I have sitting in the refrigerator.  Sometimes I have a couple hours to cook and other times I go from the garage directly to the  kitchen and in less then 30 minutes we are eating.   It might be 8 or 9 PM but it will be a healthier meal than take out or pizza. 

Saturday evening I noticed I had a bag (3 lbs) of kale strips with carrots (ok, this isn't for every one) but I didn't want it to go to waste so I washed it, dried it, sprinkled on some olive oil, Salad and Vegetable Seasoning, Sea Salt and roasted it on a cookie sheet in the oven.  I did this at 375 for about 15 minutes.  I heard that it is horrible if it burns so I watched it closely.  I have been munching on it since then.  Tonight we got home late so I made sandwiches with the addition of this roasted kale (they weren't quite chips) What a great flavor.   

One of the reasons my products are all natural with no MSG, no preservatives, and no fillers is that I cannot eat such things myself.  I get sick, as many people do.  Some are not even aware of what is getting them sick.  I am not a health nut but I do know the importance of nutrition.  I am well educated on food and food preparation. And since I Incorporated Arizona Spice Company I have proven that all of these sauces and seasonings can be made without them and taste better!  

It was so hard to read every label in the store for what I could or couldn't eat.   I started cooking from scratch 30 years ago.  This is where my passion lies.  Cooking naturally and helping other people with a family recipe get FDA compliant.     

Thank you!  


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