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Best Barbecue Beans

Best Barbecue Beans

Arizona Spice Company LLC
Arizona Spice Company BBQ Beans
Chili Kit - (seasoning Included - No added Salt)
2 large yellow onions Sliced
1 Cup Brown Sugar
32 oz can diced tomatoes (substitute 3 cups diced fresh tomato, Note: Canned Diced tomato always contains Calcium Chloride.)
5 slices of uncooked bacon or 1 cup finely chopped salt pork (optional)
2 Diced De-seeded Jalapenos or bell pepper (Optional)
Salt to Taste (optional)
*Water to cover beans in pan 
Wash the beans and soak in water overnight or at least 12 hours in a covered container.  (Make sure the water level is 4 to 5 inches above beans to allow for the swelling of the beans.)
Drain the water the beans were soaked in and add fresh water (enough to cover beans plus an inch).   Simmer at least one hour.  
Pour beans with liquid into a large baking dish. Add tomato, Chili Seasoning, brown sugar, Salt and gently mix.  Place diced salt pork or bacon on top then arrange onion slices on top.  (don't mix)  Cover and place into oven, bake at 300 degrees for 3 hours.  Check to make sure water doesn't evaporate, a good fitting lid will help with this long cooking time.
If you like a lot of juice (it is good!)  add another 1-2 cups of water after 2 hours of cooking if necessary, but do not stir.
Can be served warm or cool.  
This recipe is great with our Grilled Chicken, Chicken Wings grilled Steak, Ribs, or Burgers.
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