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Hatch New Mexico Green Chile Season is here!

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...and this is where it all started.  My love for chiles.  Especially the Hatch NM Green Chile.  I am from Arizona.  But my love for New Mexico Chile is one of the reasons I started this company.   I lived in New Mexico for a few years.   When I cam back to Arizona getting the green chile, and green and red chile powders from Hatch NM was not easy, and certainly not cheap.  

So here we are, 10 years later, 60 products later, and the green chile products still dominate my sales.  Nothing tastes as flavorful as the Hatch Green and Red Chile.  There is just nothing to compare to it.  It is unique, and superior to any other chile you can find.   This is the time of year the Hatch NM chiles are harvested.  We buy direct from the growers so we know it is authentic and fresh.  You will taste this difference in our products.  Freshly made with only the highest quality products.  See the attachment for the Green Chile Nutrition Facts.  One of the Growers sent me this nutrition on the mild green chile.  

Many people get cravings for food, me?  I crave the roasted green chile. like most people get cravings for chocolate cake or cookies.    


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