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Hot Sauces

Hot Sauces

Roasted Green Chile and Garlic Hot Sauce:  Medium.   This hot sauce is made with the Hatch NM Green Chile, Garlic and plenty of spices and herbs.  It is unique and layered with flavor.  Delicate like green chile yet bold like hot sauce.   Good as a dip or condiment for just about anything.  Chicken, steak, chops, fish, cheese crisp, nachos rice, tacos.  The list is endless.  
Dragon Fire Hot Drops -   xx Hot  Gluten Free. All Purpose. Ghost Pepper, garlic and other spices in red wine vinegar with zero sodium.  One of our hottest blends:  Plenty of heat packed in a small bottle and true to our reputation it is bursting with flavor.  Use to heat up just about anything.  A couple drops is all it takes.  The extent of the heat is delayed (as is the nature of true ghost pepper) a few seconds making this one quite pleasing!  So much flavor you won't miss the salt.
Black Scorpion Hot Drops: xxx Hot Gluten Free. All Purpose.  Blended with spices in a base of white wine.  It also contains ghost pepper for that extra flavor and kick. Our Hottest blend.  Made with the hottest pepper in the world!  The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper.  The heat from this pepper makes your taste buds tingle. A lasting sting that will please the heat seeker.  Quite different from the heat of any other pepper.  Great flavor in this hot sauce.  Great on sandwiches or sprinkle on your burger, steak or chicken to get that stinging tingle!.  
Grim Reapper Hot Sauce -xxx hot.  The perfect balance of heat with the combination of Carolina Reaper and Ghost Pepper.  It is our newest and the flavor is beyond anything you will find in a hot sauce.   It is  great as a marinade or a condiment. 
Grim Reapper Jr.  xx hot.  This one is half as hot as the Grim Reapper. It contains less of the Ghost Pepper and Carolina Reaper pepper.  All the same flavor base with half the heat.  This is an all purpose hot sauce and is great on any meat or to dip.  
Arizona 18 Sauce Extra HOT.  The perfect gourmet taste of the Southwest.
18 perfectly blended ingredients including Ghost Pepper and New Mexico Green Chile.  Good on steaks, ribs, pork, chicken and fries. Contains 5 different kinds of peppers.  Use to dip, Glaze or marinade.  Not a BBQ, not a hot sauce, it is a lot like nothing else. The Perfect Sauce for anything!
Habango - HOT  A nice balance of habanero heat and the sweetness of mango.  The perfect blend of secret spices add to the flavor of this very popular hot sauce. Great all purpose sauce.  Good, chops, chicken, fish tacos and more.
Angry Chicken Hot Wing Sauce.  Hot.  Make the best wings around with the addition of this sauce.  Just a touch of Ghost pepper gives it a great smoky flavor. Also good as a marinade on Steak, Chicken, Chops and add flavor to your potatoes without the fat.  Dip or marinate.  

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