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Happy Mothers Day

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Happy Mother's Day!  I hope your mind is reflecting on all the best times you've had being a parent.  There is no gift greater than being a parent.  

I've had many influences in my life I am grateful for.  But I am most grateful for the woman I call mom.  She did not give birth to me but she is the biggest reason I am who I am today.  I am blessed with being able to call Betty Dean Mom.  She is the very definition of a great mom.  Thank you Betty, mom,, for all you have done and all you do. I am grateful every day for you. 

My passion has always been in cooking.  The more people around my kitchen table the better.  Sharing thoughts, and  food.  I learned to appreciate this from my mother in law.  Her home is where the family got together for Sunday dinner.  As the family grew so did the good times. I am thankful for these times and for her.  

These days people get too busy for these special times.  I've tried to keep these Sunday dinners going but it's hard to get everyone together.  Maybe it doesn't mean as much to them as it does to me, and did to her.  Maybe it's not as important to the younger generation.  It is still special to me when it happens.  :-)  

I usually request to cook for mothers day.  My gift is the people around the table.  I am not going to do that this year.

I hope you have a wonderful mothers day, I know I will.   :-)     

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