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NEW Popular Flavor Crystals and Garlic Pepper

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I have a few new seasonings. I intended for them to be versatile like all of our other products. I have the Garlic Pepper (No Salt Coarse Ground ingredients), Arizona Flavor Crystals, and Deb’s Flavor Crystals. The differences are mostly in the salt. The Arizona Flavor Crystals are made with Alder wood smoked sea salt. Deb’s is made with Himalayan sea salt. Both are coarse ground. These mixes can be ran through a pepper grinder but my preference has been to leave them coarse. The Garlic Pepper with no salt is pretty self-explanatory.

They have been well received and as versatile as I planned in customer feedback. They all have a little chile in them. Mostly Jalapeno flakes. But they are not hot.

Uses: Well with a base of cracked pepper, garlic, Jalapeno, and salt or no salt what wouldn’t they be good on or in? That seems to be the feedback. I have used them all for various applications. Customers tell me “I use this on everything!” My favorites so far are: Grilled pork chops, steaks, Fish, Soups, Rice and green chile stew….. IT IS freshly dried minced garlic and ¼ cracked black pepper with Jalapeno! A perfect mix with a few other ingredients that just add to the already incredible flavor.

All natural of course. No MSG ….same as the rest of our products, no fillers no chemicals. We will never use these unnecessary things. 


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