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Arizona Deb's Blog - Chicken Recipe

Versatility and Flavor

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The seasonings I create are made to be versatile.  They won't say: Steak Rub, Pork Rub, Etc.  I created them to conform to each customers taste.  Mild to extremely hot and the versatility to go on pretty much anything.  I often work late and dinner is put together in my head on my way home.   I decide I am cooking chicken breast (boneless skinless).  I trim the unwanted edges off and cut it to make sure it is the same thickness all the way across (this helps for even cooking).   So opening the spice cabinet, what flavor do I want?   Spicy Cajun?  Chipotle?  Barbecue?  Green Chile?  I opt for Cajun on this day.  So I grab a plate, pour a little olive oil on the plate and cover both sides of the chicken.  Sprinkle on some Cajun Rub, and off to the preheated grill.  That simple. Yum!  You cn repeat the above with a different rub or seasoning and steak, chops, fish, shrimp, etc.  Even on vegetables.  I grill many veggies with the Green Chile Seasoning or Salad and Vegetable.  If you want to kick things up the Green Ghost is also great on Vegetables, but that one it hot. Sprouts carries an Organic Rice Blend that I absolutely love.  Cooks in 30 minutes.  I have a great Garden Rice Recipe where I use this rice with chicken broth and our SW Seasoning

Again, no matter what you are cooking for dinner my seasonings offer you variety as well as great flavor.  Chicken and fish never get boring.  Steaks and Chop are mouth watering.  As important as the flavor is the fact they are all natural.  They all have clean labels.  They never contain MSG, preservatives or fillers of any kind. 

Taste the difference.

Thank you for stopping by.  Happy cooking!


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