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Buy Local, buy natural. Home made is easy. Plan ahead meals or easy quick meals. We have a variety of recipes. You can use our rubs and seasonings in one of our recipes or any of your own favorite recipes. Recipes are updated often so please check back.
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One of my new additions: Arizona orDeb's Flavor Crystalsare making quick cooking even tastier!
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More people care about ingredients than ever before. Maybe you do, maybe you don't. It takes a lot of time to read labels. Trying to keep up with what the manufacturers have to disclose is a full time job. At Arizona Spice Company and Arizona Salsa Company you don't have to worry about mystery ingredients. Even the ingredients we hide under 'spices' or 'herbs', are actually spices and herbs.
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Copyright Logo AZ SalsaAll natural food products are more popular than ever before. It isn't hard to do but it costs more. Flavor enhancers, fillers, and preservatives are desirable by manufacturers for many reasons. I will explain what I know because information is power.

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Chili Powder Facts

It is Hatch Chile season again. There is nothing like the aroma of roasting chiles. Not only are they good, but they are healthy. We use the Hatch Chile in many of our salsas and hot sauces, as well as the dried powder in most of our seasonings. The chile powder in my seasonings is always fresh. I guarantee it. Chile is our specialty. It is very Arizona. Our Jalapeno, chipotle, red, and green chile powders come from Hatch NM, and surrounding areas. The only imported chile we use is Ghost Pepper, from India, and Trinidad Scorpion pepper, from Trinidad. Many people think of chile peppers as hot and spicy. Many are, but the best thing about Hatch NM chile is that it comes in Mild, Medium, Hot and Extra hot. This gives me the versatility of mild to extra hot blends as the NM chiles are the base for most of my mixes. Here is a link to some of the health benefits of Chile Peppers. It doesn't have to be burning hot to be healthy! Mild chile is great too.

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