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Salsas, Sauces and Barbecue

Salsas, Sauces and Barbecue

Salsas, Sauce and Barbecue
Roasted Green Chile and Garlic Salsa:  Medium.  This salsa is made with the famouse Hatch NM Green Chile and plenty of garlic. If there was a perfect marriage of two ingredients this would be it. It is so flavorful it makes a good marinade for roasts.  I pour it on the roast (Beef or Pork) and slow cook it.  It is great on tacos, for dipping, and marinading chicken.   
Mild Salsa: mild. Gluten Free, Contains 6 different peppers but we remove the seeds and veins therefore maintaining the great flavor of salsa without the heat.  A true favorite for a side dish at dinner.  Dip it, spoon it, use it as a condiment for your tuna steak or chicken!  Great addition.
Medium Salsa:  Gluten Free. Contains 7 different peppers for a flavorful blend of the most desired heat level.  Medium salsa isn't just for chips or nachos.  Use it on steak.  Our salsas are rich and robust.  Use the all natural ingredients to add to your soup.  Onions, peppers, tomatoes. etc.   Skip all the slicing and dicing and just use this!!
Hot Salsa: Gluten Free. Contains 8 different peppers.   Just enough heat and all the flavor you desire in a true southwestern all natural salsa.  We do not add any water so it's rich and thick and perfect for a little heat fix.  This is the preferred salsa to pile on in the middle of those nachos.  Watching the game with friends?  Use this with chips, cheese, sliced black olives and of course our extra hot sliced jalapeno's.  A party pleaser.  
Habanero:   Gluten Free. This one is thick enough to eat with a fork.  With the combo of ingredients including 10 different peppers you will want to pile it on all your favorite chips. It has plenty of that fruity hot habanero flavor.  Made with all fresh ingredients.
Black Scorpion Salsa: NEW The hottest salsa we make.  Made with 11 different kinds of peppers so you get flavor first and plenty of heat.  It has that kind of burn to keep you coming back for more.  Add to your hamburger meat, on steak, chope, eggs or make a spicy taco.  
Ghost Pepper Salsa: xx HotGluten Free. Paradise for the heat seeker.  Flavor first then... the bite!  Popular for the heat lover who wants flavor too! This one contains plenty of smoked Ghost Pepper. (Bhut Jolokia from India) and 10 other kinds of peppers.  Bursting with heat and blended for bold flavor.  We focus on flavor first.  Get those endorphins flowing with this salsa and enjoy the bold flavors of the 10 different peppers.  Thick and chunky enough to stand up on a fork. Add to your hamburger meat, on chicken, or the traditional dip and pour on Mexican food. 
Peach Perfect Salsa: Low Medium-Sweet & Spicy. Gluten Free. Our Award Winning Salsa. It is the perfect balance of sweet and spicy has made this one of our best sellers.   Great as a dip but is also good as a marinade on chicken, fish, fish tacos, and pork.  
Chipotle Black Bean & Corn Salsa: Mild This salsa has a rich robust flavor. We do not skimp on the beans and corn.  Thick and chipotle rich.  Add meat and it is flavorful enough to be called chili!  Use on chicken or fish tacos.
Pineapple Salsa: Sweet & Mildly Spicy. Mild  Gluten Free This one is thick with pineapple and great for cooking.  Marinade your Salmon, Fish, chicken or pork roast with this pineapple salsa before baking or grilling.  It has that 'can't get enough' type flavor.  Marinading Salmon seems to be a favorite recipe with customers.  Also a favorite on fish tacos.
Jalapeno Relish:  Medium. Gluten Free. It is the perfect blend of jalapeno's, onions, peppers.  Great on hamburgers, hot dogs, subs, sausages, or to top your steak or chicken!  It is chunky and jalapeno hot. A true favorite.  Try it to spice up your pasta salad recipe.
Hot Pepper Mix : Hot Gluten Free. Bursting with natural fresh pepper flavor.  A blend of 6 different kinds of hot peppers with a bite!  Great on your burger, hot dog, sausages. steak, or use as a topping on your chicken.  Make your stir fry hotter with this mix!  Also good to dice and add to salads and pasta salad.
Sweet 16 BBQ - Mild -Our Award Winning Barbecue has so many layers of flavor you will never go back to ketchup. Made with NM Green Chile and 15 other all natural ingredients.  Rich and thick.  Great marinade and dip.   Perfectly sweet and tangy.  Use  our BBQ rub as the dry rub and this for dipping.  Check out the recipes page for my mouthwatering rib recipe.
Arizona Red Sauce:  Low Medium. Gluten Free. It is a good dip, dip mix, and condiment.  Our own special blend with a rich southwestern flavor.   Mix with sour cream or refried beans for a dip or nacho topping that will keep them guessing on how you  made them taste so good! A must for eggs, use to flavor meat for taco's or Spanish rice.  Made with NM red chili making it a superb high quality sauce.  New recipe page for this sauce.
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