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Rubs, Dips and Seasonings

Rubs, Dips and Seasonings

Guaranteed Fresh.  
No MSG, fillers, or Preservatives
Made Fresh to Order
Arizona Jerk Rub, Hot and Mild:  New.  No added salt in these two.  The hot is extra hot and the mild is slightly spicy.  Jerk rub is traditionally used on chicken but I have regulars that love it on their hamburgers.  
Arizona Flavor Crystals, New. Mild.    This is a coarse mix of flavor.  Plenty of minced garlic, Jalapeno, Cracked Black Pepper and Alderwood smoked sea salt.  Sprinkle this on or in just about anything.  It is a perfectly balanced blend with a hint of smoky from the alderwood sea salt. Great on Grilled Meat, in soups and stews.  
Deb's Flavor Crystals: New Mild.  Coarse Ground. This one is similar to the Arizona Flavor Crystals except is has Himalayan Sea Salt instead of the Smoked Salt.  A little more garlic with the cracked black pepper and Jalapeno. 
Arizona Garlic Pepper:  New. Mild. Coarse Ground.  No added Salt.  More of the Cracked black pepper with the Jalapeno and minced Garlic.Great addition to meat or veggies without any salt.  So flavorful you won't miss the salt.
Sw Seasoning:  Mild This seasoning is a best seller.  It has endless uses and an unmatched flavor that cannot be duplicated.  Use in your soups, rice dishes, dips, burgers, stir fry, Casseroles.  The list is endless.  It contains  Mild Crushed Green Chile, Bell pepper, onions, herbs and a few other seasonings.  It is the perfect blend.  After you try it you will be hooked!  Use to be our SW Soup Seasoning but the uses became to broad to be referenced to just soup.  It is still included in many of our soup kits.
Habanero Green Chili Seasoning Mix-  Hot.  Gluten Free. Number one seller.  All Purpose Seasoning.  Good on everything! This mix is hot, but don't let the name scare you.  It is full of flavor.  There are no two chili's that mix as well as these two for flavor. Put it right next to the salt and pepper for that member of the family who wants to sprinkle on some heat. 
Green Ghost   Seasoning Mix   -  Extra HotGluten Free. The Heat Seekers salt and pepper all in one bottle.  Made with Green Chile and Smoked Ghost pepper for the perfect combination of flavor and grab the tissue hot!  So flavorful it is good on anything.  
Black Scorpion Seasoning Mix:  Extra Hot. All Purpose. Made with a mixture of Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper, Jalapeno and spices to create this all purpose seasoning sure to please the heat seeker.  Great on just about anything. Heat up your burgers, steak chicken, potatoes, eggs and more!  Even popcorn.  
Green Chili Seasoning Mix-  Mild Gluten Free. The perfect blend of green chili (From Hatch NM) and garlic along with a hint of some special herbs and spices.  Good on chicken, burgers, steak.  Use as a rub.  Sprinkle in your soups casseroles and stews.  
BBQ Seasoning Mix  High Medium Bold Blackening meat rub. .  Great on the grill or broiled. Good on beef, chicken, turkey, pork or shrimp.  This mix makes the BEST mouth watering grilled shrimp you or your guests will ever have!.  Marinade in a little olive oil and this mix before grilling. Make boring turkey burgers taste like they were made by a gourmet chef.
Hickory Smoked BBQ Seasoning Mix!  Medium Same as BBQ seasoning mix but the salt is changed to Hickory Smoked Sea Salt imported from Italy.  GREAT BBQ aromatic and flavor.  Half the salt of regular BBQ. Use in turkey burgers, ribs, steak, chops, chicken and shrimp.
Salt Free BBQ Seasoning Mix:  Medium .You won't miss the salt in this blackening meat rub. Customer request for no salt added.  Great on any meat fish or poultry.  The more you use the hotter it will be.  Marinade two hours or over night.  Rub meat with olive oil first to make it stick better.    Use in turkey burgers, ribs, steak, chops, chicken and shrimp.
Chipotle Seasoning MixLow Medium to Medium range.  Gluten Free. This is our most versatile blackening spice rub. It makes a great addition to soups or stews.  It blackens on the grill.  Great on ANY protein. It makes wonderful blackened steak! It is complimented with crushed garlic as a meat rub but doesn't require it.  Rub the protein with olive oil, crushed garlic and the chipotle mix, then put in a Ziploc bag and leave in the refrigerator for two hours to overnight) Season your fajitas with this.  Steak or chicken fajitas are zesty with this seasoning or Mexican Style Seasoning.
Jalapeno Seasoning Mix - This one is a high medium spicy.  Fish and Poultry Rub and Marinade.  This mix is a great addition to many dishes.  Originally created for chicken and fish it has become a popular flavor enhancer for many soups, stews, casseroles. If you like the flavor of jalapeno's You'll love this one with the unique blend of herbs and spices.
Habanero Red Chili Seasoning MixHot. Gluten Free. Another great blackening meat rub.  A kitchen condiment for the one who likes the serious heat in their meals.
Good on chicken, steak and pork and ribs.  Makes great jerky too!  Add to sauces for that great habanero flavor. The red chili is from NM, and makes this mix burst with flavor.   Use to make your home made chili POP.
Salad and Vegetable Seasoning MixMild+. Gluten Free. Skip the salad dressing and just use this.  You won't miss the dressing.  Skip the dressing and sprinkle on your salad.  Sprinkle on grilled asparagus, corn on the cob, Potatoes, pasta, broccoli, and on slaws. It is great on poultry and fish.  Just sprinkle some on the outside before cooking.  I like to coat my fish or chicken with olive oil first but it's not required.    A great addition to chicken or pork chop breading.   This one has become an all purpose seasoning salt with salt as a low ingredient. 
Mexican Seasoning Mix- Mild.  Gluten Free. A very good seasoning for your rice, enchiladas, tacos, or fajitas.  Good on potatoes and steak too!. This one has all the flavor so you really don't need to add a lot.  Some peppers and onions if you wish but it is good and flavorful on it's own.  This one is very flavorful and mild enough to please everyone. As a rub it will blacken on the grill.  Coat meat in olive oil then sprinkle on the mix.  Use a little or use a lot.
Chili Seasoning Mix-  Medium. Gluten Free. No Added Salt.  All you need are your choice of beans and this mix.   Other ingredients optional.  Bold Southwestern flavor of NM Chili's and the perfect blend of spices.  We have a complete chili kit that includes this salt free blend of seasoning.
Arizona Spice Company Seasoning SaltMildGluten Free.  This blend can be used on just about anything you can sprinkle it on. It is less salty than most seasoning salts.  Flavor first, then the salt!  It contains mild New Mexico green chile with the perfect blend of other herbs and spices.
The Sausage and Dip mixes below were created to allow you an alternative to fat filled commercial sausages with all the added chemicals.  You won't miss the fat or chemicals once you try these.  It is so easy to make you will never go back.  
 Easy recipes on our recipes page and on the labels.
Italian Sausage Seasoning Mix.  Available in Medium and Hot.  Gluten Free. Just add meat.  Makes the best meatballs and no-one has to know you didn't make them from scratch!  Make the perfect sauce and meatballs with our mixes.  Recipes on our recipes page.
Our Own Italian Seasoning Blend. Mild.  Gluten Free. Our own mix.  Best seller and so good on many things.  Use in sauce (recipe on our recipe page) as well as on garlic bread, subs, soups, and so much more.  Great herbal blend with no salt. 
Breakfast Sausage Seasoning Mix.  Home Made Easy!   Gluten FreeMild or Spicy mixes available.  Just add meat.  Traditionally pork. This seasons 1 lb of meat.  Grind your own lean pork and add a tablespoon of olive oil for the lean sausage bursting with flavor.  Buy ground meat and make a patty.  Sure to please.  
Green Chili Dip Mix - Mild   Veggie or chip dip.  Gluten Free. Mix is premeasured for 1 lb of sour cream or mix cream cheese and 2 tablespoons of mayo.  All flavor no heat.  Recipes on our recipes page for dip mixes and guacamole dip.
Jalapeno Dip Mix   Medium Gluten Free. The flavor of jalapeno and green chili mix to make a great tasting veggie and chip dip mix.  Pre measured to season 1 lb of sour cream or cream cheese and 2 tablespoons of mayo.  Recipes on our recipes page for dip mixes and guacamole dip
Green Ghost Dip Mix. Hot.   Gluten Free.  The great flavor of our trademark green ghost seasoning toned down for all to enjoy in this spicy veggie and chip dip.   Try all three dip mixes on baked potatoes for a great treat.  Recipes on our recipes page for dip mixes and guacamole dip.
Chipotle Dip Mix- NEW. Medium  Gluten Free. Great blend of chili powders and chipotle to make this dip a little smoky, a little spicy, and bursting with flavor.  Recipes on our recipes page for dip mixes and guacamole dip



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